Termsheet is a sporadic newsletter with commentary on startups and venture capital from the emerging markets.

Who’s behind it?

I am. My name is Zubair. I have previously founded and run MENAbytes, an online media outlet that covers tech and startups from MENA, Turkey & Pakistan. I am currently building a startup that’s working on tools to help DTC brands sell more with user-generated content. I’ve previously also built and failed a video-first ecommerce marketplace in Pakistan.

How is this newsletter different from what’s already there on MENAbytes then?

MENAbytes focused on covering tech and startup news. This newsletter is more around commentary. Termsheet, for example, could speculate. MENAbytes cannot.

What exactly would it cover?

I’ll be using it to share my thoughts on anything interesting around startups and venture capital from emerging markets - including the cool startups that I come across, bits and pieces from filings and financial reports of technology companies, rants, and a quick boring recap of the biggest headlines of the week.

Who should subscribe to it?

Anyone interested in startups and venture capital from emerging markets.

What do you mean by emerging markets?

Mainly Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Pakistan but it will also include bits and pieces from other parts of Africa and Asia.

Why are you doing this?

Writing is a great way to organize your thoughts and I am hoping this newsletter will help me do that. It is my journal (or diary or whatever you’d like to call it) but instead of keeping it private, I am sharing it with everyone.

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Commentary on startups and venture capital in emerging markets.


Co-founder, Flare - Founder, MENAbytes